10. helmikuuta 2017

220 - SENT & RECEIVED 12/2016

In December I finally had time to reply to all the letters I had received during autumn. Some of them had been waiting to be replied ever since August. I always try to answer to my letters as soon as I can, but unfortunately last autumn was a huge mess so I simply couldn't. But boy oh boy, how nice it was to have a little snail mail marathon before I went home for the holidays! I don't have photos of all the letters I wrote since it was so late when I finished. In Finland you can only dream of taking photos in the day light in the winter if you go to school or work, lol. I went to work around 10AM and came home at 7PM as I worked in December: it was dark when I left and it was dark when I came back home. But I guarantee that never have I ever written letters that long before!

 photo _MG_9187_zpsz7yntyvt.png photo _MG_9184_zpsrbxlcgeg.png
A letter and a Christmas gift from Katrina, Norway
 photo _MG_9188_zps23ihf5t7.png photo _MG_9189_zpsxhweupxb.png photo _MG_9194_zpsk8iaznqu.png
A Christmas gift and a letter to Laura, Belgium
 photo _MG_9192_zps6ukaqaz5.png
A Christmas gift to Melanie, The Netherlands
 photo _MG_9193_zps3fmpf8k3.png
A Christmas gift to Marriah, USA
 photo _MG_9190_zpsaitbkrz5.png
A birthday present + Christmas gift to Pin Ju, Taiwan
 photo _MG_9191_zpsyq3hldo8.png
A birthday present + Christmas gift to Katrina, Norway

And that's that! Lots of kisses to my lovely pen pals, I'm so lucky to have you as my friends!

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